Sunset waves – Acrylic painting – Real time demonstration

Sunset waves /Acrylic painting tutorial #102 #sunsetpainting #sunset

Hi there! Welcome to my channel, HelloArt8!
Today, I am going to paint a Sunset seascape with a different technique! I will use Orange color first on Canvas as a base color. Then I will paint the Sunset waves, Sunset sky and clouds over it. The key word is “Patience”! Take your time and enjoy every steps because at the end, it’s worth it!

The colors I am going to use today are……
Phthalo Blue
Lake Blue
Ocean Green
Turquoise Green
Titanium White

Art has been one of the best therapists ever for me. And I thought it would be wonderful if I could share this amazing feeling I get from painting / drawing.

I truly hope that you can get something positive from watching my videos. Maybe you can just relax and unwind by watching my videos….or you might be feeling like giving it a try to paint with me!

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Happy painting!


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