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How to paint the mouth or lips (front view)

How to paint the mouth in front view This video shows how to paint the lips (front view) with oil paint. Visit our website for many more free videos. source
How to Draw Lips Anatomy and Structure

How to draw lips – Anatomy & structure – Tutorial by Proko

In this video tutorial I show how to draw the structure of the lips and it go over some of its anatomy. We get to see the romantic side of the orbicularis oris and have fun with lipstick! Cover the tubercle, philtrum, top lip, bottom lip, nodes, tuna cans and milk mustaches. Don’t miss new […]
BLENDING COLORS in Procreate on iPad Pro

How to blend colors in Procreate on iPad Pro – Art with Flo

In this video you’ll see how I blend colors in Procreate for iPad (Pro) using the blender tool. I’m still perfecting the technique and learning a lot about Procreate, but I thought I’d share what I have learned so far 😉 In the first part of the video you’ll see the basics of the blending […]

The magic of form painting – Painting Lips – YUPARI

Since we are continuing the underpainting, the emphasis will be on how just a few simple value changes can give rise to the illusion of form. Now the lips may take less than 20 minutes to paint (monochrome or color), but often times (at least for me) they have to be adjusted. In the previous […]
How to Draw Male Lips and Paint Skin Tones

How to Draw Male Lips and Paint Skin Tones

Hi there. I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with another video. Male lips can be tough to paint especially, because it’s hard to get them to not look like the guy is wearing lipstick. In this video I show my approach to make lips look manly! Tools: SketchBook Pro 2011 Adobe Photoshop […]
Tutorial How to paint LIPS

Tutorial – How to paint LIPS

In this video I cover the study method of using a wire frame to understand the FORM of the lips as well as how to paint them and introduce new lighting and specular highlights. My (FREE) brushes can be found here! (just put 0 in the field) source
How to Draw Semi realistic Lips Digital Art Aofish

How to Draw Semi-realistic Lips ( Digital Art) – Aofish

Hi guyssss!!! So today we have a lip tutorial that’s here because of all the ” How do you draw lips?” question on my Instagram! These particular lips were inspired by Pearl from Steven Universe ( I forgot to mention it in the video) but feel free to check out the other ones in my […]
How to draw a lips in Photoshop Tutorial by Kajenna

How to draw a lips in Photoshop / Tutorial by Kajenna

Step by step and PSD File HERE ************************************* If you like Photoshop and Sai SUBSCRIBE TO FEED Related Videos: My channel is dedicated to all people who like Photoshop and Sai. Here you can see how digital picture is created, also you can find some tutorials of Photo Art. Follow me on… […]
HOW TO Working in Chalk Pastel quotLipsquot

HOW TO: Working in Chalk Pastel | "Lips"

This quick time-lapse video features a couple tips for rendering lips in chalk pastel. The following piece starts with a lightly drawn pencil sketch and showcases the development of the lips, through layering chalk pastel and strategic distribution of color. I hope this might help or provide insight into working with chalk pastel. As with […]
Draw amp Paint LIPS Step by Step

Draw & Paint LIPS! – Step by Step VIDEO TUTORIAL

Today, its about LIPS! Lips/mouth/teeth are my FAVORITE things to draw! For those of you who feel the same, I made this video so that you could have a good time drawing without having to worry so much about the process. How? I explain my process of drawing lips from start to finish, telling you […]
How to draw lips DIGITAL ART TUTORIAL in Procreate

How to draw lips – DIGITAL ART TUTORIAL in Procreate

How to draw lips using digital painting software. In this video I will show you how I draw lips step by step. I work in Procreate on iPad Pro in this video, but most of the techniques and tips also apply to traditional drawing or to drawing or painting in software like Photoshop or Painter. […]
Easy Lip Tutorial Paint Tool Sai

Easy Lip Tutorial | Paint Tool Sai

My first lip tutorial! I hope it is maybe a bit helpful. Link to the brushes used in this video: • Eineko & Friends Discord Server! • Support me on Patreon! I’ll love you forever! • Social Media Deviantart: Facebook: Picarto.TV: Instagram: • Tools Used Painting: Paint Tool […]


In this painting demo I show how to paint lips with oils. REAL-TIME PAINTING VIDEOS, TUTORIALS and other helpful materials ▶ Sketches: ▷ For prints and original paintings please visit CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Materials used: • Oil paints – Nevskaya palitra Colors: Burnt umber, Cadmium Yellow, […]