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Still Life Setup Ideas- Lighting for Still Life Painting

Lighting for Still Life Painting

Still life setup ideas, lighting and composition tips to give you the best chance to create a painting that works out. Kit used in this video: Still Life stand – actually speaker stand: Lights – Neewer 660 bi-colour LEDs Softboxes for lights: White balance card: Setting up a still life properly […]
Top Tips for Life Drawing

Tips for Figure Life Drawing – In this video lesson, we will talk about the Top Tips for Life Drawing. Natalie Richy, Life Drawing Academy tutor, will demonstrate how to make a fast, ten-minute sketch of reclining female figure. source
Still life drawing with pencil | Time-lapse

Time-lapse Still life pencil drawing

#drawing #pencil #fineartacademy #art Still life drawing with pencil | Time-lapse Drawing Paper size 1 : Drawing Paper size 2 : Charcoal : Charcoal pencil : Eraser charcoal : Drawing tools : source
Drawing Demo: Using Organizational Lines for Accurate Proportions (Still Life

Using Organizational Lines for Accurate Proportions

Materials needed: One sheet of 18″x24″ newsprint paper One stick of willow or vine charcoal Kneaded Eraser Find really simple geometric forms for your still life. Spheres: any kind of ball, from a tennis ball to a basketball. Or a perfectly round fruit, like an orange or melon. Boxes: Tissue boxes are good if you […]
Artist Studio Tour // Andrew Ameral //Golden Gate Atelier

Artist Studio Tour: Andrew Ameral – Golden Gate Atelier

In this video we take a look at an artist’s studio at Golden Gate Atelier with Andrew Ameral. We talk about top art influencers and show some works. Live Broadcast: Event link — What would you like to know about portraits? FIND US: ? Andrew Ameral Instagram: ✏️ Miriam Baranov Instagram: […]
How to measure with a pencil

How to measure with a pencil – Life drawing – In the Life Drawing Academy online course, you will discover how to measure with a pencil, how to draw realistic figures and portraits from life, how to elevate your life drawing skills to the next level. As a Life Drawing Academy student, you get a lifetime membership and can study at your own […]
8 TIPS – DRAW A BETTER PORTRAIT (Realistic Face From


This drawing tutorial gives you 8 helpful tips to improve your drawing and to learn how to draw a better realistic portrait and realistic face from life. It’s a complete art lesson on how to draw a portrait from life. And then how to finish that live portrait in your studio, working from a photo. […]
Michael Klein, flower painting insights, 5 minute excerpt

Michael Klein, flower painting insights

A 5 minute excpert from Michael Kleins, flower painting insights tutorial video. Click the link below for the full video. source
Speed Painting | Stillleben Orange | Still life orange

Speed Painting | Stillleben Orange | Still life orange

Our teacher Ricky Larsson divides the creation of a still life into four steps. Step 1: arranging the still life The object of the still life, here an orange, is placed in a so-called shadow box according to one’s own aesthetic ideas. The shadow box has the advantage that you can determine the size of […]
Acrylic Painting Still Life

Acrylic Painting – Still Life

Learn the basics of painting with acrylics is in this lesson. More on this lesson can be found here… An apple is a great subject for basic painting practice. source
Top 7 Drawing VS Reality What seems more real to

7 Mixed media hyper realistic artworks – Marcello Barenghi

7 drawings that look better than reality A big big thanks to Sajini Ramesh, Bibi and all my Patrons for their great support. Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed this drawing video… Join the Notification Crew: click the Bell   FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! INSTAGRAM (@marcellobarenghi) ► FACEBOOK (@marcellobarenghi) ► TWITTER […]
7 Tips for Life Drawing in Your Backyard

Tips for life drawing in your backyard – Natasha

Tutorial video from “Natasha – Artist Explores” channel. As she says, your backyard could be full of beautiful subjects for  your drawing.    Here’s my 7 quick tips for sketching in your backyard. You don’t have to travel, visit tourist spots or take a class to improve your drawing, you can just set up and […]
Basic Drawing How To Draw Fruits

How to draw an apple – Life drawing – FAA

How to draw an apple – Life drawing – Fine Art Academy video demonstration. Learn how to draw an apple with pencil from different angles.   Fine Art Academy [ Basic Drawing ] How To Draw Fruits source
Still Life 72 How to see and draw shapes

Still Life: How to see and draw shapes – Yong Chen

Instructional video tutorial about observation in life drawing. Yong Chen will guide you through his drawing process. In this video he draws a very simple subject with charcoal.   In the previous lessons, we have been focused on capturing lines from observation. Line is an important and basic drawing language. It is one of the […]
Top 5 Drawing VS Reality Vol 2 What seems

5 mixed media & techniques Drawings – Marcello Barenghi

In this speed drawing video demonstration by Marcello Barenghi you will see 5 hyper realistic artworks created with mixed media and techniques.   Top 5 drawings that look better than reality Want to learn how to draw like me? THESE DRAWINGS TOOK ME Glass: 5 hours 5 minutes Bananas: 3 hours 49 minutes Chips Bag: […]
How I Draw My Cat from Life Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Cat from Life – Tutorial – Brandon Schaefer

How I Draw My Cat from Life – Drawing Tutorial + Sketchbook Tour. In this video, I show some pages from my sketchbook of my cat drawings along with some footage of me drawing my cat from life. I use only a brush-pen, no pencil or preliminary drawings. Enjoy! With this Channel, I explore a […]
Proportional Drawing Techniques Arm39s Length Measuring figure drawing

Proportional drawing techniques – Mike Samson

Proportional Drawing Techniques – Arm’s Length Measuring, figure drawing Tips, and timelapse. I hope you found this video useful, it would be great to have you join us in one of my online art classes! More details can be found at source
Time Lapse Figure Drawing Demonstration

Figure drawing demonstration – Barnes Atelier

Time-Lapse Figure Drawing Demonstration from studio director Travis Seymour showing stages and time-stamps for initial block-in line drawings. Sign up to our newsletter for more insights from inside our studio at Plus you’ll get a *FREE* materials guide of the tools we use in the studio when you sign up. ——————————————————————————————————————————— FIND US ON […]
How To Draw Still Life in Pencil 2

How To Draw Still Life in Pencil #2

How To Draw Still Life in Pencil #2 Material drawing : Charcoal : Pages : Stumps : source
Painting a Group Portrait from Life

Painting a Group Portrait from Life

James Gurney visits a convention of Sacred Harp singers to paint a group portrait in casein. “Trailer for Portraits in the Wild.” HD Download at: also at Sellfy: DVD at: Painting portraits from life takes on a new intensity when your subjects are in their natural environment and when they’re talking and […]
Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn39t Boring

Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn’t Boring!

Creating a still life set up with objects that you are enthusiastic about is an essential part of making a still life painting. RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Alex Rowe work together to select and arrange objects for their still life set up, discussing as they set up the still […]