Speed Painting | Stillleben Orange | Still life orange

Our teacher Ricky Larsson divides the creation of a still life into four steps.

Step 1: arranging the still life
The object of the still life, here an orange, is placed in a so-called shadow box according to one’s own aesthetic ideas. The shadow box has the advantage that you can determine the size of the display, also known as “sight-size”, as you wish. Furthermore, the shadow box allows you to better define the lighting effects in such a way that they do not change until the painting is finished. The arrangement is successful if the placement, light and shadow as well as the colors harmonize. The so-called set-up is now finished and the orange is pre-painted in the background color. Our teacher Ricky Larsson uses color pigments for this.

Step 2: coarse paint application
The color palette for the still life to be painted extends from the darkest shade to the lightest point in the picture. So the colors are first roughly applied to the canvas and you always start with the shadow and work your way up to the brightest point. At first only a few color nuances of the prepared palette are used. At this point you can decide whether you want to set the highlight, i.e. the brightest point in the picture, here in order to better coordinate the nuances, or whether you do this when finalizing the picture.

Step 3: refine and correct
At this stage, corrections and refinements are made, in which something can be painted over and the complete prepared color palette is processed in the picture.

Step 4: final details
Now the final details like the grain of the orange surface and the small brown stalk are finished. If no highlight (brightest point in the image) has been set before, it is set now.
Last but not least, Ricky Larsson recommends working in a dust-free room and, depending on how thick the paint is, you should let your painting dry for a few months and only then apply a final varnish.
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