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How To Start And Grow Your YouTube Art Channel

How To Start And Grow Your YouTube Art Channel

It’s no secret that YouTube is the future of entertainment. But, are you looking for a way to contribute to the future of YouTube? Are you an artist who wants to share their work or create tutorials for art-related skills? If so, then a YouTube art channel may be perfect for you.   How To […]
Best Childrens Book Illustrators

Best Children’s Book Illustrators

Children can only have a non-abstract view of the world. Illustrations help them abstractly think about things and spark their imagination. With the help of accompanying text and visuals, they begin making connections. It is easy to convey complicated concepts to children simply and safely. Credit goes to illustrators who give imagination to a child’s […]

Learn how to draw Islamic patterns and calligraphy Art

Drawing Islamic Calligraphy Patterns and wall art appear to be an incredibly difficult task at first sight, but in this guide we are going to break down some of the basic patterns and Islamic calligraphy and tips and tricks and how to draw them correctly. Luckily, there are many resources available to help you learn […]

Why Hire a Professional Illustrator?

When it comes to communication, a picture is worth a thousand words. An illustration can take an idea and communicate it in a way that is immediate, understandable, and memorable. A professional illustrator has the skills and experience necessary to create illustrations that are both effective and attractive. Whether you want to create stunning visuals […]

What Are the Different Types of Illustration?

Artists use many different types of illustration in their work. Some illustrations are more realistic, while others are more abstract. The type of illustration that an artist uses depends on their personal style and the message they are trying to communicate. Depending on the project, an artist may use a combination of different techniques to […]

Start Your Journey As A Digital Artist

Are you interested in becoming an artist? You must have gone through all the options that can help you effectively explore your artistic levels. If you have explored the other types of arts that you can perform, it is about time that you enter into the foray of digital art as well. If you want […]

Guide to Illustrating a Children’s Book

One of the biggest challenges that Children’s books writers come across is coming up with illustrations. When you are in such a situation, you might consider getting a professional who will take care of illustrations. When you want to write a book, come up with the book first in your head. It would be best […]

Is it Better to Design with RGB or CMYK?

If you’re a designer, then you know how important color is to your finished product. Choosing the right colors can make the difference between a quality, eye-popping design or something that looks dull and falls flat. A big part of this is your eye and creative process. But if you want your final design to […]

Best Site to Sell Graphic Designs Online

The fact is that people find out that being freelancers is much more profitable. This is particularly for those who can create graphic designs. Graphic designs are among the most wanted kind of work that many companies demand, no matter what niches they have. Graphic designs have never run out of demand. Introduction There are […]
Web Homepage Domestika

Domestika: A creative community to learn, create, and share

If you’re here, you know that taking on a new creative technique with the help of a renowned expert makes all the difference. Domestika is currently the fastest-growing creative community, with hundreds of professionally produced courses taught by renowned experts in each discipline.  There are many course platforms out there, but one of the key […]
Graphic design

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the communication of any idea or concept effectively through graphical representation. Design is a constant part of our lives, tempting us to purchase a commodity or assisting with an occasional job, such as using an app for your computer, from food packaging and labels to billboard posters. The 5 main design concepts: […]

How to paint on wood panels with acrylics

Painting on wood panels Painting on wood is not a new activity; in fact, people have painted on wood panels since ancient times. Wood panels were the preferred painting surface up until the late 15th century. Wood board paintings were popular among Jan van Eyck (Ghent altarpiece), Albrecht Durer (Self-portrait at the age of Twenty-Eight) […]

Painting on Glass – A beginner guide

Painting on Glass for Beginners Glass has always been associated with art since the Roman times. It is a marvel that plays with a spectrum of lights and adds a classic and distinctive feel to the ambiance of any home. Today, more and more people have engaged themselves into working on painted glass projects as […]
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Landscape Painting Technique in Acrylic

In the process of painting this landscape an overall concept was going on at the back of my mind and through an analytical approach, I tried to paint layer wise to get a naturalistic output. The aim of this article is to provide a step by step demonstration of this landscape painting. While making my […]

Professional Artist: The Art of Getting Paid

By: Dean Kaplan, CEO and President, The Kaplan Group Whether you’re an artist, a gallery owner, a dealer or a buyer, you have something in common in addition to your love of art. You want to be paid for your time and effort. No one ever wants “starving artist” to be taken literally. Unfortunately, unpaid […]

What can I do with a master in Art education?

Many people mistakenly believe that art education involves relatively few career options. While teaching in a school in the traditional sense is a viable choice for those with a master’s degree in art education, many different career paths are perfect for those with a passion for both art and teaching. Teaching Artist At first glance, […]
5 benefits of drawing as a hobby

5 Benefits of drawing as a hobby

Maintaining a hobby is always a great source of relief from the workload especially for those living under great pressure. These small tasks that we do in our leisure periods let us enjoy what we really like to do and give our mind rest from anything else. We often try to find out what gives […]

How to get better at drawing

When you get into drawing, you always want to improve your skills and learn how to improve your art. From learning new techniques to using premium tools such as a drawing mannequin for a reference it takes time and effort to do this properly. And it will also be a bit of a challenge from time […]
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Pastels – An introduction for beginners

This article is a simple pastel painting introduction for beginners. I will answer some of the most common questions about this medium and I will give you some interesting information. How are pastel made? Pastel is obtained by mixing the powder pigment with some substances depending on the desired color and hardness (traditionally a mixture […]
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Rubens painting technique Tutorial – Two Satyrs

Rubens Technique  In the process of copying the Two Satyrs by Peter Paul Rubens, I tried, within the limits of my abilities, to guess the sequence of the layers and the opaque or transparent nature of the colors of the original painting. The outcome is this article, which provides a complete step-by-step demonstration of the […]
Oil painting palette

Oil painting – A simple guide for beginners

Introduction  Oil was used as a binder for pigments from the sixteenth century and it became the most popular medium during the next four centuries. Even today it’s one of the most used techniques in visual Arts. Painting in oil could be intimidating but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Read this guide and […]