Domestika: A creative community to learn, create, and share

If you’re here, you know that taking on a new creative technique with the help of a renowned expert makes all the difference. Domestika is currently the fastest-growing creative community, with hundreds of professionally produced courses taught by renowned experts in each discipline. 

There are many course platforms out there, but one of the key differences with Domestika is that their teacher roster is curated by a team of professionals, and each course is produced in-house—so no funny surprises with the quality or lack of expertise. The teachers only teach what they are knowledgeable in, with impressive careers and awards to show for it.

Meet industry-leading experts

With the likes of Mattias Adolfsson, Alex Hillkurtz, or Laura McKendry as your teacher, it’s hard to go wrong. You get to see their entire creative process, with clear guidelines and a final project to tie it all together. They also share their professional experiences and advice, which is interesting for those pursuing a professional career. What’s more, you get a signed certificate from your teacher at the end of the course, which can be added to your portfolio or shared on social media.


Online courses in illustration, sketching, and much more

You can learn just about every creative technique under the sun. One of their most interesting course areas is Illustration, and there are so many options to choose from. Domestika publishes new courses daily, you’ll find regular course topics like drawing, painting, or sketching, but also some interesting areas like lettering, crochet, photography, or 3D sculpting.


Share knowledge with an international creative community

The forum that comes with each course is a nice plus. You can get direct feedback from your teacher, get inspired by completed projects from other students, or just connect and share your learning experience with other like-minded creatives from around the world. 

There’s a genuine sense of community at Domestika. It goes beyond the online courses, anyone with a profile on Domestika can start a new topic of discussion in the website’s forum, ask a question, and get answers from people who have a real interest in the creative arts. You can also browse other people’s profiles (which also work as portfolios) to see their work and connect. 

Here are some courses you might like:

Introduction to Brush Lettering by James Lewis

Realistic Oil Portraiture: Conveying Detail and Expression by Alan Coulson

Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink by Alex Hillkurtz

Chiaroscuro Creative Portrait with Pencils by Marco Mazzoni

Artistic Charcoal Portraiture: Creating Atmosphere by Sarah Stokes

Editorial Illustration: From Concept to Published Artwork by Tim Peacock

Illustrating Nature: A Creative Exploration by Laura McKendry

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art by Mattias Adolfsson

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