PaintingTube: Art Video Aggregator

A Human-Curated Collection of Art, Painting, and Drawing Videos

PaintingTube is an aggregator website that offers a collection of art-related videos that has been curated by humans, rather than algorithms or software. Our team of experts carefully selects each video based on its quality and relevance to the world of Fine Arts. We believe that this human-curated approach results in a superior selection of content that is more valuable to our users.


Explore Our Video Tutorial Collection

Our website offers a rich selection of videos that are filtered, selected, and organized to make searches easier. With over 9,000 videos in more than 60 categories ranging from acrylics to watercolor, there is something for every artist to enjoy and learn from. In addition to the main categories, we also have subcategories for animal and wildlife art, allowing for even more specific searches. Our collection of videos covers a wide range of subjects, from art business and history to composition and design, providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for artists of all levels.

Reference Videos for Figure and Gesture Drawing

In addition to instructional videos, we also collect reference material for figure drawing and gesture drawing. Our selection of videos offers a range of live model sessions, giving you the opportunity to study the human form in motion. This practice has been fundamental for artists for centuries, as it helps to develop a strong understanding of anatomy and the ability to represent the human form accurately in their artwork. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert artist, these videos can serve as a valuable reference for your drawing practice. By regularly engaging in figure drawing, you can improve your observation skills, hand-eye coordination, and overall artistic ability.


Human Touch: Why Our Curators Matter

We believe that quality should be the top priority when it comes to art education. That’s why we don’t discriminate against small channels: even if a channel has few followers, if their content is high-quality and can help you learn or practice your art skills, we’ll feature it on our website. Our focus is on providing tutorials and video demonstrations that showcase good-quality figurative artwork, regardless of the channel’s size or popularity.

Unlike algorithms, we take the time to carefully curate our selection of videos and most importantly, we have the knowledge and expertise to understand the content and context of the videos we choose. This allows us to provide a higher quality and more relevant selection of videos for our audience.


Art History and Documentaries

At PaintingTube, we believe that understanding the history of art is just as important as learning how to create it. That’s why we also feature documentaries and TV shows that offer a glimpse into the world of art from ancient times to the present day. Whether you’re interested in learning about the Old Masters or exploring contemporary art movements, our collection of videos has something for everyone.


Draw along videos on DeviantArt Muro

Drawing along with videos on DeviantArt Muro is a great way to improve your drawing skills and have fun at the same time. To get started, simply find a video you’d like to draw along with and click on the “Draw Now!” button next to the video player. This will open up a new DeviantArt Muro window where you have access to a variety of digital drawing tools and features that will help you create your own unique artwork. You can choose from a range of pencils, pens, markers, and other drawing implements, as well as a variety of colors and brush sizes. You can also use the Muro’s layers feature to create more complex compositions, and even save your work to share with others or continue working on it later.


Supporting Content Creators

We value content creators and want to help them succeed. All the videos on PaintingTube are embedded according to YouTube’s terms. If you’re a creator, artist, or art lover, you can suggest a video for us to feature by using the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of every page.


Our Goals

We know that it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, and that’s okay.  We recognize that sometimes it’s necessary to skip over certain videos if they don’t align with your skill level or interests. Ultimately, our goal is to make it easier for you to find the best art videos on the web and to help you improve your skills as an artist.

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