About Us

PaintingTube is a video curation website, this means that you can watch great Art-related videos without wasting time for the searching. We don’t use any logarithm or software to find good content, this is a 100% human-curated website.

At PaintingTube, we’re dedicated to providing you the very best videos about Figurative Visual Arts, with an emphasis on contents and video quality. We don’t care if a channel has many or few followers, if someone posts a good video that can be useful for learning or practicing Fine Arts, we promote it because we just look at contents. Tutorials and video demonstrations are selected focusing the attention mainly on the quality of displayed artworks.

We also collect reference material for practicing Figure drawing offering a good selection of live models video sessions. In addition, we select documentaries and TV shows that offer a vision of the Art World from ancient times to the present day.

There’re thousands of video about Art and painting-techniques on the Web but we think that just skilled Artists or good video-creators can teach you something or offer an enjoyable entertainment. Content creators are very important to us, all the videos on PaintingTube are embedded according to YouTube’s terms, which means that creators really benefit from being featured on our website. If you are a creator, an Artist, or an Art lover, you can suggest a video to us by sending a YouTube link using the “Contact us” form that you can find at the bottom of every page.

We know that it is not possible to always please everyone because necessarily the presence of videos for beginners will not satisfy the needs of an expert artist and vice versa, the beginners will find it difficult to understand some content for advanced artists. We try to do our best to offer valid content for the needs of both but it is inevitable that sometimes you have to skip some videos.

We are trying to simplify your searches and improve your learning by collecting those videos that we consider to be the best according to the criteria mentioned above. We think that our Website can work as a useful tool to discover good video-creators and interesting Art channels.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.