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William A. Schneider “Composition Secrets for Figure Painting” **FREE OIL

William A. Schneider: Composition Secrets for Figure Painting

Today, you’ll see a portion of the instruction and demonstration that William A. Schneider offers in this comprehensive video tutorial that will take you on a deep exploration of how great composition works. The entire video is over four hours of practical instruction on visual concepts, storytelling, placement, dominant value, color, motifs, and other topics […]
Painting a SUNSET COAST + GOLDEN composition trick! – PHOTOSHOP

Painting a sunset coast

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – Critiques, Q+A’s, Timelapses, Exclusives, Photo References + Video version of the PODCAST & MORE! Only $5 a Month! Check out GrutBrushes for PHOTOSHOP! Andrew Tischler’s GrutBrushes Sampler Set USE CODE: TISCHLER Take your Portrait Paintings even further! The OIL PAINT I use: The PAINT BRUSHES I use: […]
Composition in Art: Portraits

Composition in Portraits

This video walks through basic tips on how to compose a portrait, citing strategies for placement of the head, neck and shoulders to create a dynamic composition. Using examples from both contemporary art and art history, concrete, practical tips for how to consider the posture of the neck and shoulders, the mass of the hair, […]
Skills That Pay the Bills #6, Value Design and Composition

Value Design and Composition

Improve your value control and composition with these fun and powerful exercises. To get first access to upcoming live classes and content, subscribe to my free Insider’s Club at: #composition #valuecomposition #valuedesign source
Beginner's Guide to Art Fundamentals – Episode 1 – Introduction

Beginner’s Guide to Art Fundamentals – Introduction

This is the first episode of a series of tutorials that I am selling on Gumroad going over the basics of the major fundamentals of art. Anatomy, Values, Color, Perspective, and Composition. Each video will be releasing over the next couple of months. In this episode I try to give tips and advice based on […]
Improve Your Composition | Painting and Drawing

How to Improve Your Composition in Painting and Drawing

Support me on Patreon: Beginners Drawing Course: My Art and Creativity PODCAST: Instagram: My books on Amazon: Snapchat: LironYan3 Hi there, Liron here! Today I want to share with you how I approached improving my paintings’ composition in recent months. This is something I realised I was seriously lacking at, […]
The #1 Composition Rule You Cannot Break

The #1 Composition Rule You Cannot Break

Above all we want viewers to stay with our painting. To be engaged by it. It may seem obvious but I see a lot of paintings where the painter has given us a clear path out of their painting. And once the viewer is gone….well that’s it really. They are gone. Link to join my […]
[Highlight] 8 Still Life Composition Tips! ?

8 Still Life Composition Tips!

This video is a highlight from a live-streamed art class: Jake’s Art Club #1 Still Life. Watch the full episode for more tips and paint along with Jake: Setting up a still life can be tricky. Artists are known to have spent days at a time deciding what objects paint… Here are 8 tips […]
Abstract: The Art of Design | Paula Scher: Graphic Design

The Art of Design – Paula Scher: Graphic Design

Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life. In this episode: Graphic designer Paula Scher paints with words, developing the visual language of iconic brands and institutions around the world. US Rating: TV-14; May not be suitable for ages 14 […]
Drawing Tokyo Story | 東京物語 | B/W composition study |

B/W composition study with Posca Acrylic Marker

⊳Art supplies used: Uni-posca Paint Marker Sets Set of 8 basic colours, medium point: US CA Set of 15 basic colours: medium point: US CA Set of 7 pastel colours, medium point: US CA Set of extra fine point for details : US CA Molotow One4All Acrylic […]
What Makes a Good Composition? | DnD Party SPEEDPAINT

What Makes a Good Composition?

Today I’m delving into my archives and showing y’all the process that went into creating the Season One poster for High Hopes Low Rolls, as well as talking about some of my top tips for putting together an artwork that’s chock-full of characters! If you’re excited for the next episode of HHLR, or if you […]
Step by step composition for still life with bottles and

Step by step composition for still life

When you want to paint a still life you first have to find a composition to paint. In this step by step composition tutorial you will learn how to create a composition for your still life with bottles and vases. It is a how to that will be easy to follow and understand for the […]
Composition for Noobs | Beginner Guide

Composition for Beginner – Guide

Learn the basics of composition so you can take your photos, artwork, video and digital art to the next level! Colour Theory for Noobs: Photography for Noobs: Instagram : Twitter : My Website : Behance : Julian Ball / Flow Graphics source
Composition for Artists, Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio

Composition for Artists, Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio

In painting, graphic design, photography, and sculpture—composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject of a work. It can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art. The term composition means ‘putting […]
Landscapes Painting Composition Watercolor Part 2

Landscapes composition – Watercolor – Liron Yanconsky

In this video I’m showing you once again how to compose scenes with multiple compositions and crops. This time however, the demonstration is in watercolor. I’m quite pleased with the end result here. I hope you find it helpful! Frustrated with watercolor? Solution here – Beginners’ Drawing Course: My Art and Creativity PODCAST: Instagram: […]
Secrets of Thumbnail Drawing Real time

Composition technique: Thumbnail Drawing – Trent Kaniuga

I wanted to dissect some of the composition techniques that I use to construct a number of my paintings. These are compositional techniques that you may use to help you set up your camera in your scene when you’re starting a new image. Secrets of Thumbnail drawing will not be available on youtube for long. […]
Watercolor COMPOSITION Demonstration Painting Large Shapes

Composition – Painting large shapes – Liron Yanconsky

Hi there, Liron here! And today we are revisiting the thumbnails exercise. This time, however, I want to put extra emphasis on composition, and painting the LARGE shapes of the scene. Focusing on the large shapes is a good exercise and habit to build, that helps avoiding adding too many details, or having a messy […]
How to Create Interesting Composition in Your Drawings

How to create interesting composition – Liron Yanconsky

An interesting composition video lesson by Liron Yanconsky. Watch it if you want to create better composition in your drawing or painting.   Hi friends! Today I’d like to delve deeper into composition when drawing. I want to demonstrate, step-by-step, how I approach creating interesting composition in a drawing. This video is (loosely) a part […]
Cheap Art Tips from Cheap Joe A Cheap and

Easy painting composition Tips – Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

Who doesn’t like cheap and easy? Joe delivers just that on the topic of composition in this Cheap Art Tip. If you have not already, please subscribe to our channel. Then you will always know when we upload new videos. Thanks!! source
Digital Painting A Tip for Improving Your Compositions

Digital Painting: how to improve compositions – Paintable

Beginners often get too wrapped up in the details of their digital paintings too early on. As a result, the composition as a whole suffers. Here’s how you can improve the composition of your digital paintings without compromising on the definition. ———————— To learn more about digital painting, join the Digital Painting Academy: Download […]
Drawing Composition Exercises

Drawing Composition – Exercises & Tutorial

Composition is one of the most important principles to understand in art. That’s why we prepared some drawing composition exercises for you that will help you improve your visual art and train your eyes to recognize good compositions. You will need: – pen or pencil – paper Share your work in our Facebook group, discuss […]
Composition lesson 1 Telling a Story through Focal points Full

Composition lesson 1: Telling a Story through Focal points

Unedited livestream of Lesson 1 of my Composition livestream series. I do an analysis of the composition of various works of art and demonstrate how to obtain better compositions in your own artwork. SUMMARY Composition Lesson #1: Telling a story through focal points – tell a story. where do you want the eye to go? […]
Photography Composition Tips Dutch Angle

Photography Composition Tips: Dutch Angle

(Admin: learning about photography composition will improve your drawing composition.) Learn more about the dutch angle here: A dutch angle is tilting your camera, and making the horizon of your photo tilted. It originated from classic German film. The reason why it is called the “Dutch” angle is from a mispronunciation — it is […]
Drawing Course by Lillian Gray Lesson 7 Composition

Drawing Course by Lillian Gray Lesson 7 – Composition

In this Lesson, Lillian shows you how powerful composition can be. How to evoke emotion with how you frame your artwork. She explains how to use The Rule of Thirds and the reason it is so effective. She then proceeds to explain other composition techniques such as the C-curve, S-Curve, U-Composition, T-Composition L-Composition and Diagonal […]