8 Still Life Composition Tips!

This video is a highlight from a live-streamed art class: Jake’s Art Club #1 Still Life. Watch the full episode for more tips and paint along with Jake: https://youtu.be/xpL_k-2ZQQ4

Setting up a still life can be tricky. Artists are known to have spent days at a time deciding what objects paint… Here are 8 tips to help you set up a still life composition. Let me know if they help!

00:00 #1 Rule of Thirds
00:18 #2 The ‘L’ Shape
00:43 #3 Rule of Odds
01:02 #4 Flow of the Eye
01:34 #5 Create Interest with Shadows
02:03 #6 Overlap to Avoid Tangents
02:40 #7 Break the Rules!
02:50 #8 Random Objects

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