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HSL color space | Color science | Computer Animation |

HSL color space – Khan Academy

Now let’s consider the color space of the HSL model. Watch the next lesson: Missed the previous lesson? Computer Animation on Khan Academy: A collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Sponsored by Disney. Questions/Feedback: [email protected] About Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class […]
Something strange you should know about color | QUICK ESSENTIALS

Something strange you should know about color

FULL ART LESSONS: Learn a very important color theory for both digital and traditional art. Good for any digital art app, and applicable for character design, concept art, and illustration of all kinds! — LINKS — Patreon: Instagram: Store: Website: — — — Download the value/color chart here (PSD file): […]
How to mix green acrylic paint

How to mix green acrylic paint How to mix the perfect green for landscape painting in acrylic paints. Basic colour theory for colour mixing whilst painting with acrylics. This video gives a simple demonstration of how you can make different shades of green by mixing different colors. Acrylic Paints used: Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Yellow (light) Burnt umber Phthalo blue Carbon […]
How to Mix Vivid Colors

How to Mix Vivid Colors

In this video I explain how to mix vivid colors with oil paint. For more free videos on painting in oil visit If you are interested in the paint that I use visit source
What is COLOUR THEORY??? [hue and saturation] colour wheel/ oil

Hue and saturation in oil painting: COLOUR THEORY

In this video I focus on colour mixing only, understanding how to create grey tones/ values and harmonise your colour palette. #oilpainting #colourmixing #complimentarycolours #markrothko #josefalbers Other social media platforms Instagram: @tomquigleyart Facebook :Tom Quigley Art Twitter: &tom_quigley source
Color Mixing Tutorial: True Primaries

Color Mixing Tutorial: True Primaries

When starting out with a limited palette of colors, it is important to choose the correct primaries (red, blue and yellow) for the best results in color mixing. This video shows a demonstration of the colors I recommend, and why. Traditional Primary Colors: Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cobalt Blue. “True” Primary Colors: Quinacridone […]
How to Apply Colour Theory in Painting

Applying Colour Theory in Painting

A brief introduction to colour theory and how I apply that thinking when choosing a palette in pastel. Check out Patreon channel for more tutorials at source
How to Not Suck at Color – 5 color theory

5 Color theory tips every designer should know

How do great artists and designers pick colors for their work? How do you pair colors together? Why do my colors look so bad? In this video, creative director and illustrator Greg Gunn will share 5 important color theory tips that you can apply to your graphic design and digital art. Learn how to pair […]
How to Apply a Color Palette to Your Design –

How to Apply a Color Palette to Your Design

How do I use a color palette? How many colors should I use? How will I know if my colors look good together? Making a color palette is the first step, but knowing how to use it is something else. In this video, The Futur Creative Director, Greg Gunn, shares a handy color trick known […]
Tips for Creating Color Palettes and Better Color Schemes!

Color Palettes and Better Color Schemes in Digital Painting

Try Clip Studio Paint for free!: Clip Studio Assets: Hello everyone! In this week’s video, I am giving some tips for picking colors. I talk a bit about color theory and show some easy ways to make colors feel cohesive in Clip Studio Paint. RYB Color Wheel: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: […]
What Colors Make Brown? The Ultimate Guide To Mixing Brown

How to Make Brown color? Guide To Mixing Brown

You can download the How to Mix Brown cheat sheet from the link below: In this video, I demonstrate a variety of ways to mix brown. You can create brown by mixing red with black or ultramarine blue which yields a dark chocolate brown. If you want a warmer and lighter brown you can […]
Color Theory | Are Black and White Colors

Color Theory – Are Black and White Colors?

A look at black and white as colors…or are they? Even for an artist you have to explore the sciences a bit to find the answer. The segment of SciShow that inspired this video: Video Intro Audio Snipit: “Timbra” by Render —Support My Art— PATREON: 2ND CHANNEL: OFFICIAL SITE: T-SHIRTS: […]
How Breaking Bad Brilliantly Uses Color to Tell a Story

How Breaking Bad Brilliantly Uses Color to Tell a Story

Breaking Bad is celebrated for its sharply defined characters, symbolism, and exquisite writing. But this is also a story that is told with color. Nothing you see in Breaking Bad is an accident. Every piece of clothing, the colors of the backgrounds, the props–all of them work together to tell a single, cohesive story. Every […]
Color Theory Overview

Color Theory Overview – The Virtual Instructor

Learn the fundamentals of color theory including the color wheel, color values, and color schemes in this overview video on color theory. Visit for more on color theory. source
Basic Color Theory

Basic Color Theory Lesson – Linescapes

A course on the basics of color theory where we explain to you the color wheel, color mixing and different harmonious color schemes in an easy way! ➡ MORE BASICS OF DRAWING VIDEOS: ➡ HOW TO USE A COLOR WHEEL: The stationery we use: the COLOR WHEEL from the video: the COLOR […]
Basic acrylic colour mixing how to mix a perfect purple

How to mix purple. Colour mixing – Will Kemp Art School | colour mixing with acrylic paint. Learn how to mix the perfect bright purple with acrylic paint colours with professional artist Will Kemp. Basic colour mixing with acrylic paints to learn about complementary color, colour wheel and colour theory. Colour used: Titanium White Cadmium Red Light Permanent Alizarin Crimson Alizarin Crimson Quinacridone Red Ultramarine […]
Emily Noyes Vanderpoel Color Problems Official Book Trailer

Color problems by E. N. Vanderpoel – Official Book Trailer

Video from Sacred Bones Records channel. Pledge on Kickstarter: Emily Noyes Vanderpoel – Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color, out November 9th, 2018 on Circadian Press in collaboration with Sacred Bones. Video trailer shot by Circadian Press Narrated by Hannah Dunne Edited by Brain Paccione Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939) […]
Color Theory Ep 4 How to Avoid Muddy Colors

How to Avoid Muddy Colors – Complimentary Colors

Dr. Oto Kano: In this video we talk about the first part of avoid making mud. Mixing complimentary colors together, what is it, and how making this kind of mud can be really useful in watercolor paintings. *** Please support this channel *** *** Connect with Me *** + Twitter: + Instagram: […]
Pat Weaver Color Theory Mixing Colors Creating

Color theory & mixing colors – Creating greys – Pat Weaver

In this free watercolor tutorial Pat Weaver demonstrates her technique on mixing colors and creating beautiful greys. She also demonstrates her knowledge of the color wheel. Pat uses American Journey Professional Artists’ Watercolor: American Journey Professional Artists’ Watercolor Aureolin ( American Journey Professional Artists’ Watercolor Permanent Rose ( American Journey Professional Artists’ Watercolor Cobalt Blue […]
Oil Painting with Alex Tzavaras Colour Essentials Part 1

Oil Painting with Alex Tzavaras – Color temperature Pt 1

This is Part 1 of a series of videos, where Realist painter Alex Tzavaras talks about colour. Colour is for many Artists, one of the most exciting aspects of visual Art. But it can also be one of the most confusing. Nature presents us with an almost infinite variety of colours and there are also […]
Colour Theory Optical Illusion

Colour Theory – Optical Illusion

Colour theory lesson on harmonious and complimentary colours using the wet on dry water colour technique, painting an optical illusion source
TUTORIAL How to Pick Shading Colors

How to Pick Shading Colors! [TUTORIAL]

This tutorial shows how you can make your paintings/drawings more vibrant! ————————————— Programs I Use: Paint Tool SAI Medibang Studio Clip Paint Studio Pro Photoshop CS6 ————————————— Tablets I Use: IPad Pro Cintiq 13HD ————————————— Support me on Patreon! ————————————— Follow me on Instagram:… ————————————— Join my Discord: ————————————— Songs Used: Kawaii!! […]
Creative Fuel 13 Color Theory And Process with Naughty Dog

Color Theory with Eytan Zana – Creative Fuel #13

This is Creative Fuel, Ryan Kingslien’s weekly video show featuring amazing artists, tips, tricks, and insights. Register for the course: Connect with Ryan Kingslien: Get updated when we post: ——————– ABOUT THIS CREATIVE FUEL ——————– Color is one of the hardest things to understand as a painter… At least for me it was. What the […]