Color Theory with Eytan Zana – Creative Fuel #13

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Color is one of the hardest things to understand as a painter… At least for me it was.

What the heck is a triad? Isn’t it illegal… Not that I’m against illegal, just not sure what it has to do with color theory…

I especially “loved” those art classes where the instructor warned me about “mud” and showed me how to create color by mixing red, blue and yellow… One of the fastest ways to make mud, btw… Hey, you can get any color from this rainbow approach…

… yes, sure, absolutely, but, uhm, is this how Rubens did it? Is that really how Titian created flesh?

Tirad over, Eytan has a refreshing perspective on this: pull from nature. Nature is your color palette.

In this Episode 13 of Creative Fuel, Eytan Zana of Naughty Dog talks about how he develops color palettes and the process he goes through to develop his images into polished, finished pieces ready for showing to an Art Director.

I know I’ve released ALOT of Creative Fuels in the last few days. Let me know if you like them and I’ll post more! I have dozens more waiting in the wings…

Enjoy and create some art today!


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