Red Color Mixing | Oil Painting Technique

Grab your Color Red Guide here! What Does The Color Red Mean?
History, Symbolism and Use:
In this video, our brand ambassador Ayna Pasley will show you how to create different shades and tones of red starting from several red paints from the ZenART Supplies Oil Palettes.
Check out our latest video “How to paint a beautiful rose with two different reds: cool red vs warm red”: This is the perfect step-by-step tutorial for a beginner, as well as an exercise for professional artists to warm up their hands and relax. For any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down here, or drop us an email at [email protected].
The products used in this video are the following:
– ZenART Supplies Renoir Collection:…
– ALIZARIN CRIMSON, CADMIUM RED HUE (ZenART Supplies Essential Palette):…
– RUBINE RED (ZenART Supplies Impressionist Palette):…
– NAPHTHOL RED, VERMILLION (ZenART Supplies Portrait Palette):…
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