Step by step composition for still life

When you want to paint a still life you first have to find a composition to paint. In this step by step composition tutorial you will learn how to create a composition for your still life with bottles and vases. It is a how to that will be easy to follow and understand for the beginner still life painter. It all starts with understanding a still life. What are a things to think of, what to pay attention to. Framing and composition in art follows rules that apply to drawing, photography and painting. It is a way of learning how to look and by doing so how to find composition.

The video about the artwork on the wall behind me:

These links are affliated. I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.
Winsor & Newton Galeria acrylics:
– 10 tubes set:
– 200 ml tube:
– 500ml pots:
White gesso:
Black gesso:
Acrylic medium gloss:
Squeeze bottles 8 oz:
Paint brush set:
Brush 2” width:
Brush 6” width:
EcoLine liquid watercolor set:
Lyra colored pencils:
Lyra soft pastel crayons:
Oils pastels:
Stabilo watecolor pencils:

Floater frame for canvas:
Canvas panels:
Paper Palette Pad:
Basic masking tape:
Scotch blue maskingtape:

Sharpie permanent markers:
Colorful Happy Socks:
Scrub sponge:
Pencil sharpener:
Metal ruler 36”:
Glue stick:
Stanley snap-off knife:

Music from
“Flight Pack 1 – 3/6 (Strömungen)” by Sascha Ende (
License: CC BY (

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