30 sec Hands gesture drawing challenge

Practice drawing hands in this 30 second drawing challenge designed to test your skills in improve your proficiency. Draw alongside a professional artist and have fun while creating impressive art and studying the anatomy of the human male hand.

Grab your favourite pencil and paper ready (forget about that eraser) and sit down in a comfortable place and get set to art it up. Whether you use traditional mediums like ink and grey lead or you work digitally like I have here in Procreate, Clip Studio or whatever your preferred program is, you should enjoy this video and develop your drawing skills with every pose.

Perfect for gesture drawing or life drawing studies to progress your art and knowledge for all types of professions and students alike. Whether you are a cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist, story boarder, animator, fine artist or just wanting to practice and de-stress your life.

Storyboard artist Mark Sheard gives a few hand drawing tips at the start of this video and while completing this 30 sec drawing challenge he provides clear narration throughout and more useful pieces of information to learn from.

This artwork was originally created in procreate using an apple ipad pro.
You can view more of Mark Sheard’s creative work at 2Dsheard.com

Illustrated and Narrated by Mark Sheard – https://2Dsheard.com
Soundtrack by Brendan Horn – https://boyonastringmusic.com


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