Draw Along Club 6 – practise life drawing with us

Practice is the key ingredient to learning to draw, and these videos are designed to help you get more of it. Draw Along club videos involve us putting up a series of poses on the screen from Croquis Cafe, drawing them and narrating the process. So if you like, you can get out your sketchbook and draw along with us.

This time we started with two 3 minute drawings, two 5 minute drawings and a 10 minute drawing. There’s no special rules this time, so just relax and sketch what you see.

We discuss talking positively about our own drawings, something we are both terrible at. It’s a lot easier to criticise yourself sometimes than praise yourself.

The other Draw Along Clubs are here:

Get our guide ‘Life Drawing Success’, which is all about the one big mistake which led to all my other mistakes:

Life Drawing Success

Croquis cafe’s channel, which has models posing on video for you to practise drawing, can be found here:


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