Setting Up A Still Life – Learn To Draw #06

Set up a simple still life in your own studio or kitchen or wherever, and start drawing what you see. You will improve dramatically!

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Setting up a still life and draw objects from life will be difficult at first but as time passes you will start to see your skills increase and improve significantly.

These still lifes don’t have to be complex at all, they can be as simple as a cup on a kitchen table. Experiment with different lighting effects by adding a small desk lamp and shine the light from different angles.

This will also help you to better understand shadows and light and how your light source can affect the object you are drawing or sketching.


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With this Channel, I explore a variety of concepts regarding learning to draw or how to draw almost any subject, learning to paint landscapes & still lifes in acrylic paint or oil paint, and many other topics involving art, painting, technical aspects, and life.

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