The magic of form painting – Painting Lips – YUPARI

Since we are continuing the underpainting, the emphasis will be on how just a few simple value changes can give rise to the illusion of form.

Now the lips may take less than 20 minutes to paint (monochrome or color), but often times (at least for me) they have to be adjusted.

In the previous portrait (the one of Samantha) we did move the mouth around quite a bit until it was just right.

Nevertheless, today is all about how simple it is to paint convincing lips in monochrome.

Tomorrow we will paint the large structures of the portrait (cheekbone, mandible, mouth, and forehead).

Hope you have a great rest of your day, and I’ll be back in 24 hours!

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The materials used in this video are listed below,

Oil Paints:

Winsor & Newton- Raw Umber
Williamsburg- Flake White

Thinner/Brush Cleaner: Chelsea Classical Studio Citrus Essence
Painting Medium: Gamblin Neo-Megilp

Panel: 24×24” Mdf panel gessoed with Liquiex Professional Acrylic Gesso (3 coats) and toned with Burnt Umber Oil Paint

Brushes Used:
Princeton Summit 2 Round 6100R
Master’s Touch size 1 round
Princeton Select 2 Fan brush


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