Old Man Portrait Painting – Underpainting technique

A lot you asked me, which brand of paint I use. I make my own paint. It´s made of pure pigment and linseed or safflower oil in organic quality. There are no fillers in like plaster, chalk, baryt or wax. Also there are no additional things in like siccatives. Only the pure pigment und oil, like the Old Masters did. So I made some more tubes of oils which you can buy in my shop:

This portrait of an old man is painted in oil on canvas. The original is from Jan Lievens (1607-1674), painted arround 1630 on wood and it is in the collection of the Lakenhal – Museum in Leiden, Netherlands. He was a contemporary of Rembrandt. They worked together and shared a workshop for some years.

The size of this copy is 50×60 cm (20×24 in) and it is painted with the pigments of this time.

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