Caravaggio Technique: Saint Jerome

A lot you asked me, which brand of paint I use. I make my own paint. It´s made of pure pigment and linseed or safflower oil in organic quality. There are no fillers in like plaster, chalk, baryt or wax. Also there are no additional things in like siccatives. Only the pure pigment und oil, like the Old Masters did. So I made some more tubes of oils which you can buy in my shop:

In this tutorial you can see step by step the copying of a Caravaggio, about 20 hours in a 17 minute clip.

It is painted in oil with the original pigments of this time. My palette was:
Lead White
Yellow Ocher
Venetian Red
Red Lake Natural (dark)
Burnt Siena
Umber Natural and Burnt
Van Dyck Brown
Black Roman Earth
Natural Iron Earth

The size of the painting is 81x110cm (32x43in). I applied a thick oil bound ground to have a non-absorbant surface. During the painting I use only some fast drying oil, no solvents or things like that.
Two short parts of the video are unfortunately in a bad quality. This are parts of the livestream.

Take time to watch the video, I hope you enjoy!

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