How to paint a dog – Glazing technique

How to paint a dog using the glazing technique. This is a portrait of a dog called Jumble. I have painted the ‘grisaille’ or grey underpainting with black and white and now I’m glazing the first colours.

I still love the magical way just a little oil paint can transform an image, especially something initially painted in black and white.

For brevity I am showing just the first bit of this process, but it is essentially the same process all the way through the painting and I carry on refining this first glaze after filming.

You can spend as long as you want at this stage, and it is always worth taking the time to get it right.

Its also OK just to wipe it all off and start again, something we all do sometimes! But I was happy with it after a little more work, and I would expect to finish it in the 2nd glaze (just the dog). But again I could do as many glazes as I feel it needs.

I’m using burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ochre, gold ochre and a tiny bit of cadmium red, with Titanium White for the highlights.


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