Caravaggio oil painting demonstration, UNDERPAINTING portrait painting, glazing

This video shows the underpainting of this copy of Caravaggio’s Boy Bitten by a Lizard.

I started with the drawing and build the highlights with Titanium White, then work into the shadows with Raw Umber and Ivory Black.

There is a technical bulletin on the National Gallery of London’s website which has some very interesting information about this painting and others by Caravaggio.

I chose to make this copy after reading it.

My hope is to gain an understanding of Caravaggio’s working process as authentically as possible.

That doesn’t mean I’m using exactly the same materials, but I’m trying to get a ‘feel’ for the way he worked.

How did he create the effects he did?

How did he manipulate paint? mix his colours? compose his pictures?

All good fun finding out.


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