Acrylic Seascape Painting – Seashore sunset

This video showcases an acrylic seascape painting tutorial of a beautiful seashore sunset. The artist takes you through their process, from mixing colors to creating texture, and shares their techniques for capturing the mood and atmosphere of the scene. You will learn how to paint the reflection of the sunset on the water and how to create depth in the painting. The video is perfect for those who want to learn to paint seascapes or improve their acrylic painting skills.

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Canvas size: 8″x10″ stretched canvas

Color used: Acrylic Paints
Titanium white
Primary Blue
Primary Red
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Deep Green

Brushes used:
Number 6 Nylon Flat Brush
Number 2 Nylon Flat Angle Brush
Number 0 Nylon Flat Angle Brush
Number 00 Nylon Round Brush


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