How to make marbled paper: Acrylic Paper Marbling 1

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When I started marbling I had trouble finding videos showing Western style paper marbling with combs, so I published mine, assuming other people familiar with marbling might be interested. These are not tutorial videos, but since so many people have asked, I’ll explain the process a little here: The bath is a mixture of carrageenan and water (2TBS/gallon). The paints are acrylic, thinned with water till they’re a milky consistency. (If done correctly the paints will float and spread on the surface of the bath rather than sink to the bottom.) Once enough paint has been added so that the surface of the bath is saturated the patterns are created by pulling combs of versions sizes through in different order or direction, depending on the pattern. The paper is pre-treated with a mixture of alum (1 cup desolved in a gallon of water) which works as a mordant so the paint will stick to the paper. The alum treated side of the paper is laid over the paint and lifts it off the bath when it is removed. Once the paper has dried it’s ready to use!


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