Angela Anderson’s Seascape Painting Tutorial

In this session, Angela takes us on a journey into the world of seascape painting. She offers valuable insights and techniques that will help you unlock your creativity.

Exploring the Painting Process: Angela starts by sharing her thought process as she works on her seascape painting. She candidly mentions the temptation to keep making adjustments, a feeling many artists can relate to. 

Adding Brightness to the Seascape: As Angela progresses with her artwork, she decides to introduce a touch of brightness to the first half of the painting. She explains her approach to enhancing specific sections, creating a harmonious balance within the composition.

The Technique of Clear Gesso: Angela briefly discusses the use of clear gesso, a versatile medium for artists. She shares her experiences using it on wood and paper, demonstrating how it can help seal surfaces for various art projects.

Color Mixing vs. Pre-Mixed Colors: Angela provides insights into the age-old debate of color mixing versus using pre-mixed colors. While acknowledging the benefits of mixing your own colors for vibrancy, she highlights that pre-mixed colors can be a convenient starting point, especially for beginners.

Don’t miss out on Angela Anderson’s insightful seascape painting tutorial. Join her vibrant artistic community and embark on your own creative journey. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, happy painting!


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