PanPastel Seascape Set – Painting Tutorial – Joanne Barby

Paint along with Joanne Barby as she creates this beautiful seascape painting using PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools in the PanPastel Seascape Painting Set (Ref. 30252). Learn how to paint waves, sea spray, water, beach/sand, and sky. Joanne shares many tips & techniques to help you learn basic painting techniques with PanPastel.

As Joanne paints, we show you which PanPastel Colors and Sofft Tools she uses for each mark – any time she changes color we identify which color she is using – so that you can paint along too in the comfort of your home.

PanPastel set used: Joanne Barby Seascape Painting Set (Ref. 30252)
Full materials list & reference image:


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