One stroke painting yellow Rose | acrylic painting

One stroke painting yellow Rose | quick and easy acrylic painting | step by step
In this painting video ,I am showing you step by step instruction with all the details of the materials.It is a simple and easy painting for beginners and experienced hands.I used acrylic paint for this painting.You can also try with oil colors. The base of the painting is 300 Gsm gray paper.You can do it on canvas,glass,wooden panels,etc.

? Material used:
Acrylic paint(white,yellow,olive green,leaf green)
Round brush( 00).
300gsm gray paper.
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You can use acrylic or oil paint for this technique.Any brand acrylic is suited for this painting technique. Next, you need is any smooth surface to paint, like paper, canvas, wood, glass, ceramic pots, fabric etc.When you are going to try on fabric, use fabric paint instead of acrylic.
You can choose any flat and smooth surface to blend your colors, like paper plate, aluminum foil, normal flat palette, my favorite is glass palette.Glass palette is easy to wash and blend so I prefer using glass as my palette.

How to paint yellow Rose | quick and easy acrylic painting | step by step
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