Acrylic painting: 4 different Skies by Night – Wow Art

Chinese Artist Duong Tieng from Wow Art channel, shows almost in real time how to paint a composition of four different skies by night. Copying this kind of small painting is a good exercise for beginners. Acrylic paint dry quickly, can be thinned just with water so it’s an easy medium to start with. This doesn’t mean that acrylics are just for beginners, they can be used by advanced and professional artist to create detailed and complicate artworks but if you’ve never painted before, I would suggest to start with this technique. On Wow Art channel you will find many paintings like this, it’s a great resource for beginners, the compositions are easy and colourful, there’s no commentary but videos are in real time and easy to follow.


List of colors :

Sea : use a mix of violet + white / ultramarine / white / cerulean blue and paynes grey or black

Milky way : white / yellow ochre / magenta / prussian blue and a bit of paynes grey

Aurora : Monastral green + white / magenta / cerulean blue / ultramarine / paynes grey

Mountain : magenta + white / cerulean blue / prussian blue / yellow ochre and paynes grey
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