Plein air oil demo – painting reflections

This plein air demo video shows my technique for painting reflections. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe to my channel to watch more painting videos. This plein air video touches on brush techniques and ideas about capturing the light quickly. This plein air piece uses a palette consisting of: Titanium White, Mars Black, Ultramarine Blue, Cad. Yellow Pale, Cad. Red Medium, Perm.Alizarin Crimson, and Yellow Ochre. Lately I’ve been interested in water, reflections, etc. They are a real challenge and I think they are a important stepping stone for me in my pursuit of building my “skills tool box”. What I love about plein air oil painting is the ” on the fly “decision making that you have to make to capture certain aspects of your subject….and it changes with each subject! It teaches you to hone your observation skills to react with speed and efficiency.
Please comment on what you think and feel about my work…and if there is anything in the presentation of the video that you think would improve it’s quality, I would love to hear it. I want to make sure that my thoughts and ideas are coming across as best as possible.Thanks for watching !
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