Plein Air Painting Gear Overview

In this video I’ll share the plein air painting gear I use when I head outside to paint. Want to check out some of these items yourself? I’ve listed links for most of them below!

– Outdoor Master 45 L Hiking Backpack:
– Sienne Plein Air Tripod:
** This tripod is more expensive than when I purchased it several years ago; this one will work just as well:
– Nitrile Gloves:
– Gamsol Solvent:
– Silicoil Jar:
** This works really well too for plein air painting:
– PayPal Card Reader:
– Painter’s Tape:
– LED Clip Light:
– Panel Pak:
– 8×10 linen panels:
– 18″ Daytripper Upright Panel Holder and Palette/Easel:

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