What’s in my plein air painting backpack?

You can support more videos like this by following, liking, sharing, subscribing and sending tips at http://patreon.com/tali It’s the morning after my painting day-trip to Canon Beach, and it’s time to unpack! Here is all that was in my backpack. My choice of colors are listed below, as well as links to where I get my supplies.

Top left to right: Gamblin Hansa Yellow Medium PY74, Winsor & Newton Winsor Orange PO73 (didn’t use), Schmincke Mussini Vermillion Red Tone PR255 (didn’t use), Gamblin Quinacridone Magenta PR122, Schmincke Mussini Ultramarine Blue deep BB29

Right side top to bottom: Ultra blue (see above), Winsor & Newton Cobalt Turquoise Light PG50, Gamblin Portland Warm Gray (mix), Gamblin Portland Cool Gray (mix)

Left side top to bottom: Yellow (see above), Schmincke Mussini Naples Yellow Deep PBr24, Schmincke Mussini Translucent Red Oxide PR101, Schmincke Mussini Titanium Opaque White (a common mix of PW6 and PW4—Titanium and Zinc white. I usually try to avoid these mixtures because zinc white has a bad rap in conservator circles due to it cracking in multi-layered paintings. Since this was alls prima, and on small rigid supports, I figured it was a safe choice.)
Gamblin Solvent-free gel

My ThumBox pochade, slip in easel, covered palette, and tripod are all made by http://www.judsonsart.com
You can find Rosmary brushes at http://www.rosemaryandco.com I like their ivory and master’s choice flats, rounds and rigger. They also make short brushes that fit in my pochade.


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