Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air with Sheree Jones

What makes your heart skip a beat and say, “I have to paint this!”? Every painter is searching for the magic – that special something that compels you to bring a subject to life with a brush and canvas.

Sheree Jones, shares some of the techniques she employs to capture that magic while painting in oils en plein air in the Opus video, Oil Techniques: Painting en Plein Air. Learn how starting with a value sketch compensates for changing light, how not painting all details can invite the viewer to explore a part of the painting, and more!

Visit http://opusartsupplies.com/shereejones for a bonus video featuring Sheree, plus a full list of the supplies she uses.


Sheree Jones

Produced by
Opus Art Supplies

Created by
Ryan Mund


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