Plein air, real-time oil painting demonstration….& chatting about art

In this demonstration, I paint a local old barn in oils, from life. I do this in the spirit of a tutorial, but with the intention of having you take the principles that I teach and integrate my techniques into your own style.

You will be able to enjoy the entire painting process in real time, with only one or two quick cuts…no speed painting or fast motion.

Rembrandt oil paint set:
Lefranc titanium white (my favorite):

I use primarily Rembrandt and Windsor & Newton (and Winton) oils in the following colors:
*Burnt Sienna
*Permanent Alizarin Crimson
*Cadmium Red Light
*Cadmium Yellow Pale
*Ivory Black
*Titanium White (by Lefranc & Bourgeois)
*Pthalo Green / Viridian Hue (same thing)
*Dioxazine Purple
*Ultramarine Blue
*(sometimes Pthalo Blue)

***Finally, if you want to see me and my family’s vlog, click here: …we talk about our farm animals, our projects regarding our house and property, and generally have fun…you might find us entertaining. 🙂


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