Plein Air Painting with Jessica Henry Gray

Hi Everyone! I’m always happy to bring you a plein air video as I believe there is nothing better than the fresh air of the great outdoors! While I love painting everything, plein air brings me the most satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

I hope you find some nuggets in here that you can use next time you are thinking about capturing some of the treasures of the snow. In today’s video, I demonstrate some ways you can paint outdoors in colder weather. Part of the equation is efficiency. You don’t want to take unnecessary steps and always look for ways to streamline your process.

Another area where I focus on in this video is in the handling of snow, values, composition and directing the viewer. Utilizing your plan to accomplish your efforts will economize your decision making. Having a game plan before you begin is as important as an architect having a blueprint. Plus, it saves you time!

I hope you enjoy this new video. Make this year one of the best in recent history! Take your journey to the next level!

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