How to Draw Figures like Don Gale – Wild Movement & Gesture

I came across Don Gale’s gestural figure drawings randomly on Pinterest. I just loved how he got so much movement and expressive gesture into his drawings while retaining solid form and structure.

In this video, we break down the figure drawings of Don Gale. We’ll cover the structural and anatomical foundations of the drawings, on which he builds wild and expressive gestural lines.

We’ll see how he exaggerates the anatomy rather than the pose. We also look at some of his really cool sequences where he filters more of the figure out, leaving just the movement.

Hope you enjoy it!

Don’s website and drawings can be found here:

Get our guide to Life Drawing Success here:

Life Drawing Success

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To Sketch and to Sculpt: An Interview With Don Gale

Music: Birds in Flight by Dan Lebowitz, A Quiet Thought by Wayne Jones, Pink Horizon by Chris Haugen, Wave in the Atmosphere by Dan Lebowitz


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