Timed Model Drawing Session 4 // Instructor: Glenn Vilppu

How to Draw the Figure DLDS #4 |
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Introducing a new way to study figure drawing…

At New Masters Academy we’re always looking for new ways to help teach the fundamentals of art. Recently we have begun releasing (via YouTube) a series of timed reference videos that we call the Daily Life Drawing Sessions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7EWYwaF6E-H65W-hXeKvvO_xNA_kIs5w .

These sessions allow artists to practice drawing 1, 2, 5, and now 10 minute figure drawing poses that we have selected from the vast Image Reference Library: http://www.newmastersacademy.org/reference-images/

These sessions have been met with with overwhelming enthusiasm which sparked a new idea:

Now we have begun recording real-time video lessons where your New Masters Academy instructors draw from the timed sessions right alongside you. Here’s how we recommend you use this resource: First do the DLDS video yourself one or multiple times trying to stay true to the timer and improving on your initial drawings and understandings of the poses each time. Next watch your favorite instructors do the same drawings from the same videos as you, comparing what similarities and differences there are between not only you and your favorite instructor, but also among the different instructors. This is an approach that has never been implemented in art education and so far the feedback has extremely positive. We currently have the first 5 sessions recorded by both Steve Huston and Glenn Vilppu and we will be adding more instructors and more sessions on a regular basis.

For all sessions including over 500 hours of video lessons visit: http://www.newmastersacademy.org


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