Draw Along Club 2 – REAL TIME life drawing practice

This is the second Draw Along Club video, where we will put up a series of reference photos of life models and show ourselves drawing them, and narrate the drawing process. We talk about what we are doing and what we could improve, including the things we are getting wrong, plus extra tips and techniques.

We use great reference photos from Croquis Cafe – check out their Youtube channel for great videos to practise with.

In this video, we’ll be drawing five poses for 4 minutes 30 seconds each. It would be great if you’d like to draw along with us, so get some paper ready, or if you prefer to just watch and listen, that’s great too! We use the process we described in our free figure drawing beginner online course, which you can find here:


We will do more of these if you enjoy them and find them useful – please hit the like button to let us know, or leave a comment.

Thanks for watching 🙂


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