Learn To Draw Heavy Set People – Drawing Lesson – Cre8tiveMarks University

Heavy Set People Sketching – Learn To Draw – Drawing Lesson with Cre8tiveMarks University

This quick video is a response from an artist that wrote in the comments section regarding heavy set people. Drawing people that have a lot of fat tissue can be challenging due to the excess forms over the anatomy. Mark McDonnell shows you how to go about designing the shapes to still show what’s happening underneath the form while getting across the feeling of a heavier person.

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This is the eighth video in a series of weekly videos that we will be uploading here on our cre8tiveMarks University youTube channel. We have a lot of topics we will be covering in these “youTube shorts”. These are meant to be quick little sparks of creativity to hopefully inspire you … little tips that have helped me along the way.

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Heavy Set People Sketching – Learn To Draw – Drawing Lesson with Cre8tiveMarks University


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