Figure Drawing: Student Feedback Demo – Week 1

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“This is a seminal example of instructor feedback from Figure Drawing: Anatomy of Style to a student in one of our many amazing class offerings at CGMA.”

Here at CGMA, we understand the value of feedback. It is a vital part of the dialogue between mentor and student and accomplishes three things: makes better artists, strengthens artists’ confidence, and enhances community relationships. As artists, it’s imperative that we gauge the strength of our work as we work toward being more competent in our craft. Feedback from our instructors as well as from other students helps artists develop their skill sets and in the process, become more confident in what they do. That confidence translates to forging healthy relationships within the artistic community and fosters productive networking in the long term. Our CGMA mission is to maintain a collaborative space for individuals to construct their ideas and make room for those ideas to be enhanced. We make it possible to become a better artist.

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