Figure Drawing in Ink and Charcoal

In this video I want to share a process that I use to draw the figure with ink and charcoal. This is a quick gesture drawing, from a photo reference of the standing female model. I want to explain how you can use drawing as a response to what you observe, and achieve a dynamic, expressive style.. Drawing the figure is a great way to learn how to draw in your own style. Thanks for watching!! πŸ™‚

New Masters Academy video I used for this drawing session: pose is at 05:24

The materials I used in this drawing are:
Ink block and water
Regular, soft small brush
A regular charcoal pencil (I used a blade and some sandpaper to sharpen it)

Here is a link to my beginner drawing course, THE FOUNDATIONS OF DRAWING:

Check out my drawings on T-shirts! …:

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In this channel I share tips and tutorials on drawing skills – specifically how to draw the figure from life, and from photo, plus how to discover your own natural expression through expression and mark making.



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