Plus Size Models Pose Nude for Figure Drawing Class

I remember when for the first time, a figure drawing class at the art school in my city included models who were a size 22 and up, instead of the traditional range of sizes 0 to 18. They believed that including plus-size women in the class would help students learn to represent a variety of body types in their drawing, rather than just the typical “ideal.” The result has been overwhelmingly positive, with both students and faculty applauding the models for their willingness to participate.

In this video, you will follow six beautiful plus-size models in a drawing class where they will pose for the first time. Even if this is not a drawing tutorial, I think it could be interesting to watch the “backstage” of a figure drawing session.


Body image activist, Amanda Scriver, joins our squad of plus size models as they pose nude for a real figure drawing class. The Succulent Six bare all and prove to themselves and the public that EVERY body is beautiful.

Plus Size Models Pose Nude for Figure Drawing Class | The Succulent Six


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