How to START A FIGURE DRAWING – making sense of the many methods

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There are loads of ways to start a figure drawing. Which method are you supposed to use? We explain that there are no rules or ‘correct’ formulas for deciding that. Instead, there are various tools at your disposal, and you can pick the right one for each situation.

There’s various factors that will affect your decision – the style you’re going for, the materials, the time you have and so on. We talk about standard methods you may have learned, and when to prioritise your instincts and intuition over those techniques.

More specifically, we look into starting drawings with gestural lines, starting with a skeleton style stickman, starting with a geometric shape and other approaches.

We are hoping that you’ll feel ready to tackle more poses in your next life drawing class or practice session, trying new things and starting to develop your own instincts.

Finally, at the end, we address some of the comments we had on our last video – you know your channel is growing when people have conspiracy theories about it!

Here’s the Zin Lim video I mention in the video about the variety of approaches even within gesture drawing:

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And if you struggle with foreshortening, have a look at this:

The reference photos for this video came from the wonderful resource Croquis Cafe.

Music: Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen, Lazy Afternoon Sun by Dan Lebowitz, Pink Horizon by Chris Haugen, Serenity by Aakash Gandhi


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