Figure Life Drawing Books – Skill Level Comparison

A comparison – in my opinion – on the skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advance) for several of my life drawing/anatomy books.

List of Books in this Video…

Beginner Level Books 00:56
– Christopher Hart – Figure It Out Series – The Beginner’s Guide to Drawing People and Human Proportions
– Jeff Mellem – How to Draw People
– Jack Hamm – Drawing the Head and Figure

Late Beginner to Intermediate (to early advanced) Level Books – 3:00
– Gottfried Bammes – Complete Guide to Life Drawing
– Michael Hampton – Figure Drawing: Design and Invention
– Uldis Zarins with Sandis Kondrats – Anatomy for Sculptors

More Intermediate to Early Advanced Level Books – 4:55
– Michel Lauricella – Morpho Books
– Justin Martin – Poses for Artists (ALL LEVELS)
– Andrew Loomis – Drawing the Head and Hands & Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth

Great for ALL Levels Beginner to Advanced – 7:15
– Roberto Osti – Basic Human Anatomy

Intermediate to Advanced – 8:19
– Valerie Winslow – Classic Human Anatomy and Classic Human Anatomy in Motion

I am NOT an affiliate for any of the books, products, or people I review/talk about in my videos.



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