How to Draw Obliques – Anatomy and Motion

Let’s learn about the oblique muscles! Full course available at:

In this video, you’ll learn the anatomy of the oblique muscles aka “love handles”. You’ll learn about the anatomical structure and how they move. After watching you will have a better understanding of how to draw the side of the torso.


How to Draw the Rib Cage:

How to Draw the Pelvis:


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Artist | Instructor | Producer
Stan Prokopenko (
Script – Jesse Martel (, Stan Prokopenko, Sean Ramsey
Production Assistance – Sean Ramsey (
Editing – Dzmitry Tsydzik (, Sean Ramsey, Stan Prokopenko,
3D Animation – Jijo Sujathan, Essam Kotb, Stan Prokopenko, Sean Ramsey
3D Modeling – Marc Felico Camacho
3D Rigging – Alexander Lee (, Ibai Valtierra Fernandez
Actors – Stan Prokopenko, Melissa Prokopenko
Models – Yoni Baker, Marcia Churchill, Veronica LeVery, Aaron Simunovich, Anthony Narsis, Laura Dasi, Mallory Ombey, Ryan Moore, Sekaa

Music Used with Permission
Intro – The Freak Fandango Orchestra
Sound Effects –
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Bass Walker – Film Noir by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

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