RARE Charcoal Drawing Demo PREVIEW – Foreshortening Explained – Female Reclining by Steve Carpenter

This is a rare charcoal figure drawing tutorial demo that explores extreme foreshortening resulting from the model’s orientation to the viewer. Understanding measurement is a critical component for rendering a form with this orientation. Steve Carpenter demonstrates how to get the most dramatic effect by exaggerating somewhat the foreshortened form in this charcoal drawing Interest is heightened by creating strong design patterns in the shadow areas. Charocal Drawing Portrait basics are investigated as well as tools for drawing hands, feet, and the torso.

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Steve Carpenter Art Center offers instruction by Steve Carpenter in Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting.

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Steve Carpenter Method is a great tool for advancing your skill in charcoal figure drawing. Steve Carpenter offers many techniques, shortcuts and insights that he discovered over his lifetime career as as a painter, learning from amazing techniques that Old Masters gave us through their drawings and paintings. Practicing these charcoal drawing techniques one by one and in combination will allow students to advance the quality of their charcoal drawings to a next level of artistic quality.


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