Figuary Day 1 – Intro & Mindset

Day 1 Croquis Cafe practice session:

Get our guide ‘Life Drawing Success’, which is all about the one big mistake which led to all my other mistakes:

Hi life drawing friends! Welcome to Figuary, Figure Drawing Month. We’re doing this in collaboration with the Croquis Cafe channel:

We are posting daily life drawing guidance videos – one useful tip about drawing figures each day, all structured to build on each other across the 28 days. Croquis Cafe will be posting daily practice sessions – life models posing for you to draw.

The idea is that you draw, even if only a little bit, each day for 28 days – the perfect amount of time to build a good drawing habit. Along the way, we will also start looking at powerful techniques to help take your drawings to the next level.

This first week is all about seeing the most important angles and curves in the pose. The second week will be about the light and dark in the pose. The third week will be about making confident and expressive marks on the paper. The fourth week will be about gesture and other additional tips.

Post your drawings to Instagram with the hashtag #figuary.
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