How to Draw like Raphael – Gesture & Line Quality Master

Raphael’s drawings were beautiful, and the closer you look and the more you understand about them, the more you fall in love with them. His hatching and lines were expressive, his figures full of movement and life.

In this video, we try to deepen our understanding of Raphael by copying one of his drawings. There was a lot to learn about the gesture, the weight and stability, the tension, where he chose to create focal points, how he used hatching and many other intricacies that come together to create a powerful whole.

We recently put out a free guide called Life Drawing Success: Avoid the 1 Big Mistake that Led to all My Other Mistakes, you can sign up to receive it here:

Life Drawing Success

Our gesture drawing series:

Our artist breakdown series:

Music: Castleshire by Chris Haugen, Wave in the Atmosphere and The Clean Up Man by Dan Lebowitz

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