Beginner Figure Drawing – Poses from the SIDE & BACK

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In past lessons, we went through a simple approach to constructing a figure using a special stickman and then adding mass with the ribcage and the pelvic area, plus techniques for fixing mistakes in angles and lengths. But so far we have only looked at poses viewed from the front.

In this video, we go over the adjustments we need to make to this process for poses viewed from the side and back. We talk about the line of the back, the shoulder blades and other features of of the figure viewed from these angles.

This is part of our video series for beginners and people starting to learn life drawing. It’s designed to give you a structured set of exercises, tips and lessons that will build your life drawing confidence. There’s so much to learn at once when it comes to drawing the human body, so we want to support you through the early stages, without overloading you with skills that can be learned later in the journey.

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