Draw Along Club 5 – Figure Drawing Practice with blind drawing warm up

Draw Along club videos involve us putting up a series of poses on the screen from Croquis Cafe and then drawing them on screen and narrating the process. So if you like, you can get out your sketchbook and draw along with us.

This time we started with five 1 minute blind drawings, where you draw the figure without looking at the drawing at all. This is a great warm up exercise. The drawing will often end up looking weird, which is great. It’s a great way to get yourself into a good mindset where you are not trying to control the outcome of the drawing.

After the warm up, we do three 2 minute drawings and finish with a 10 minute drawing. The idea is to loosen up with the blind drawings and go with the flow, and then continue that into the 2 minute drawings and even the 10 minute drawing.

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