Beginner Figure Drawing – EXERCISES for OUTLINES & TONES

In lesson 8, which you can find here:

we learned to start seeing and capturing the human figure in terms of very simple outlines and shapes. This video explains two really useful exercises you can do to help develop those skills.

We’ll practise using very simple lines for outlines and simple shapes for the tones using easy to start techniques.

This is part of our free First Steps mini-course for figure drawing beginners and people starting to learn life drawing. You can find the full course here:

It’s designed to give you a structured series of exercises and lessons that will build your life drawing confidence. There’s so much to learn at once, so we want to support you through the early stages, without overloading you with skills that can be learned later in the journey.

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In this video, we use photos from Croquis Cafe – our favourite resource for online reference photos and videos.

Music: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)


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